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Sliced Beef Biltong

High in Protein, Higher in Flavor

How is
Biltong Made?


Start with the highest quality
top round steak


The steak is trimmed of fat and naturally preserved


The steak is air dried for up to 21 days & sliced extra thin


The best snack is bagged by hand -Now stryve on!

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Compared to Jerky

Compared to the average meat snack - like jerky - Stryve Sliced Beef Biltong is both better tasting and better for you!

It's packed full of protein, ridiculously low in sugar, and not to mention it's...

Never dehydrated with high heat & never injected with sugary marinades

50% more protein + beef overall

Nutrition Facts

In Every Bag

-- 36g Protein*
*per 2.25oz bag

-- 1g Sugar*
*per 2.25oz bag

-- No Nitrates, MSG, Additives, or Gluten*
*Teriyaki flavor contains Gluten

-- No Guilt Whatsoever