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Trail Mix
With Beef Biltong

Lean Protein & Healthy Fats

The World's Healthiest Trail Mix

With Beef Biltong, Whole Nuts & Seeds

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Compared to Jerky

Introducing Stryve Trail Mix with Beef Biltong: it's way healthier and tastier than any basic trail mix! Now you can experience energy that lasts with a satisfying blend of lean biltong, whole nuts and seeds. Try all three flavors today: Original, Jalapeño and Dark Chocolate.

20 grams of protein

Healthy and filling Fats

Low in Sugar + No Peanuts!

In Every Bag

-- 20 Grams Protein

-- A Mix of Biltong, Nuts & Seeds

-- No Nitrates, MSG, Additives

-- No Hormones or Antibiotics

-- No Soy, Gluten or Peanuts!