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Fall Adventures that are Better with Biltong
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Fall Adventures that are Better with Biltong

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Fall Adventures that are Better with Biltong

Sad summer’s over? Well, there’s an easy way to get over your post-summer blues—focus on all the things that make fall awesome.

Colorful leaves. Comfort food. Pumpkin-flavored everything. And, of course, endless options for outdoor recreation.

A lot of people think summer’s the best time to get active outdoors. But in many ways, fall’s far better. There’s less bugs. The temps are (typically) more tolerable. And, in most parts of the country, the landscape pops with colors so beautiful it rivals any Fourth of July firework display.

Want to get outdoors and live fall to the fullest this year, but feeling short on inspiration? Well, we’ve got just the thing. Here are five fall adventures that are awesome on their own…but even better with biltong:

  1. Tree Climbing. The coolest thing about fall is the colorful canopy. So, why not get up close and personal with those vibrantly-colored leaves and do some recreational tree-climbing? Rather than investing in expensive climbing equipment, though, your cheapest (and safest) bet is to find a company that hosts tree-climbing classes, like Riveredge Nature Center in Wisconsin or Tree Climb Connecticut LLC in Connecticut. Now, unless you’re a monkey or a squirrel, climbing trees isn’t easy. You’ll be burning calories like nobody’s business and using muscles you didn’t know you had. So, be sure to pack some protein-packed snacks to fuel yourself. May we suggest Biltong?
  2. Corn Mazin’. Does going to a corn maze sound like a kiddy thing to do in the fall? If it does, that’s only because you’ve never been to a serious corn maze. People get crazy about their corn mazes nowadays. They make them really big, which makes them really fun, no matter what your age. Like this corn maze in Minnesota and this corn maze in Wisconsin, which are 14 and 15 acres respectively. Check out Corn Mazes America’s directory to find a corn maze near you. And since you never know when you’re going to get out of a corn maze that spans acres, don’t enter unprepared. Keep a bag of biltong in your purse or pocket just in case your stomach’s grumbling before you reach the end.
  3. Fly Fishing. Most people like to fly fish during the spring or summer, but fall’s an even better time to put on your waders. That’s when crowds are calming down, temperatures are tapering off and fish are hun-gry. October is the best time to go large trout fishing in Montana, so head to “Big Sky Country” if you’re ready for a major fall fishing adventure. And since a day of fly fishing will leave you just as hungry as the fish you’re trying to catch, stash a bag of biltong with your fishing gear. It’ll tide you over until you get back to home to fry up your catch.
  4. Horseback Riding. There’s nothing like the sound of hooves crunching through fall leaves as you take in breathtaking landscapes on horseback. That’s why a horseback ride is an absolute must for any fall adventurer. No matter where in the country you live, there’s bound to be a beautiful place to hop on a horse this fall. But if you’re ready for a once-in-a-lifetime ride, head to Rocky Mountain National Park for awe-inspiring views and over 260 miles of horse-friendly trails. When you head out on the trail for a long ride, though, you should always pack food and water. So, bring your biltong along, and you can stop somewhere to snack. And don’t forget a few snacks for your horse. They like baby carrots and apples.
  5. Road Trippin’. There’s no better time to head out on the open road than fall. The scenery’s beautiful, and the weather’s so nice you can usually leave the windows rolled down (and the air conditioning and heat off). Most people think the East Coast is the best place in the U.S. for a scenic fall drive, and there are certainly plenty of great fall drives out east. But there are beautiful fall drives all over the U.S., like the Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway in New Mexico or the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. Of course, no matter where you drive, you should never go on the road without the ultimate road trip snack—jerky. But not just any jerky will do. Choose a healthier option that doesn’t contain a ton of sugar and artificial ingredients, like Stryve’s biltong.



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